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Sake Sunday: Featuring Typhoon Premium Sake

This Sunday- Typhoon- at only $5 per glass! ($8 the rest of the week.)

Premium Japanese sake is meant to be enjoyed either slightly chilled (suzu-bie) or gently warmed (nuru-kan). Lower quality sake is often served boiling hot to mask the unpleasant flavors, aromas, and rough texture of inexpensive, mass-produced sake. But Tozai Typhoon is a versatile premium sake that is delicious not only served chilled but also gently warmed as it is enjoyed during Japanese winters.

Kizakura brewery is located in Fushimi in the southern part of Kyoto – the oldest sake brewing area in Japan. Fushimi’s quality ground water is best suited to brew sake, bringing out the full flavor of rice and creating high quality sake with a smooth texture. Kyoto’s climate, known for its bitter cold winters called “So-Ko-Bi-E,” is ideal for brewing sake.

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