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Chef Naoki Shares His Knives

Like every master, there is always a story about how they crafted their art and Chef Naoki is no exception. He wanted to prepare food that he enjoyed eating and started his sushi journey as a dishwasher at a Fukuoka restaurant when he was just twenty years old. Chef Naoki studied hard to learn the art of sushi making, the importance of knife skills and has often joked about the time he sliced his finger open when he first started his apprenticeship.

Chef Naoki shared with us the different types of Sushi knives, their names, what they’re used for and what he prefers to work with. There are over 20 different knives used to prepare sushi, ranging from vegetable knives to butchering blades. Chef Naoki highlighted a few that every Sushi Chef should have: a Gyutou, Deba, Yanagi, and Usaba.

Gyutou | Chef’s Knife

Gyutou knives are the Japanese equivalent of European chef’s knife. Chef Naoki says that this knife is the ideal all-purpose knife that’s easy to maintain, has versatility and stays sharper longer. He  can break down a tuna, fillet a salmon and then cut some basil, without pause. He also said that he keeps a gyutou in his knife bag at all times.



Yanagi | Slicer

Yanagi knives are a long single-edged traditional knife used for precision. This knife is incredibly sharp and best used to cut sashimi and other tender fish. Chef Naoki has a yanagi knife that he received as a gift, when he was 23, which he still uses.



Deba | Butchery

The deba blade is primarily used to butcher or fillet larger fish and comes in a variety of different sizes and weights.



Usuba | Vegetable Knife

Usuba knives are very sharp and are used to precisely chop up a variety of vegetables with ease.



You can see Chef Naoki’s talent and passion for his craft in all of his dishes. Enjoy his hospitality and workmanship at Naoki Sushi.

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