Naoki Fried Chicken

Looking to take your dinner to a finger lickin’ level tonight?   Our perfectly crisp, savory fried chicken can be ordered by the half or whole bird and is complimented by sides like yuzu coleslaw, roasted sweet potatoes, panko-crusted mac & cheese and more.  Plus, if you are craving some of Naoki’s classic sushi rolls, add those to the order too.

Chef Naoki’s Fried Chicken is available for delivery or pick-up.

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bucket of fried chicken with side dishes

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A la carte Naoki Fried Chicken is available in the restaurant, seven days a week.  Sides are delivery/carry-out only.


Fried Chicken

half  chicken 4pc…17

full chicken 8pc…32

served w/ tobanjan dipping sauce


yuzu coleslaw…4.25

market salad with pickled ginger vinaigrette, crispy shallots…4.75

roasted sweet potatoes with brown sugar-sesame glaze…4.95

charred corn with miso butter…4.95

panko-crusted mac & cheese…4.25

Maki Rolls

spicy shrimp & salmon…15


tuna, salmon, hamachi, cucumber, avocado

spicy tuna…14

cucumber, chili oil


scallion, cucumber, yuzu


canned soda…2.75

ginger beer…3.50

bottled water…2.50

oi ocha japanese unsweetened green tea…4.00

asahi lager beer japan…5.00