Have you tried true Wasabi?

Chef Naoki is passionate about quality. Each ingredient is meticulously sought out, prepared and plated to showcase a blend of Japanese tradition and modern flair. One example of Chef Naoki’s appreciation of the fine details is fresh grated wasabi.  And Chef Naoki even grates it in the the traditional Japanese style, on a shark fin.

Wasabi rhizome is the root of a wasabi plant and is only found in specialty markets. Wasabi roots have a short shelf life and the flavor you get from freshly grated wasabi is second to none – heat that is milder than horseradish, with a more intense flavor. What makes Naoki’s wasabi truly amazing is how it is grated by hand, for each and every order.   The fine groves of the shark skin stretched across the pallet creates a delicate grind similar to sandpaper.  The root is delicately ground in a circular motion.  What results is a perfect paste-like consistency that is served at Naoki Sushi each night.

If you’re a sushi pro, you’re in for a wasabi treat! If you’re new, prepare to have your wasabi standards set high at Naoki Sushi.  Reserve your table with us here.


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